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What Benefits Do I Get When Subscribing to LifeStyle Discoveries?

“Many Benefits!”…… Subscribing to LifeStyle Discoveries updates allows you to receive every news and tips, including recipe, competitions and free ebooks whenever they’re released… and it’s all sent automatically to YOU.

The fresh content is waiting at your convenience for reading and is delivered …at no cost…. by a subscription feed reader which saves you time.  A subscription feed reader is a reader that runs on your computer.

 You have the options to choose from 2 different subscription methods:

  • Website Subscriptions – New posts are sent to your subscription (feed) reader
  • Email Subscriptions – New posts are sent directly to your inbox.

This video gives a great & entertaining example of how to use your reader:

Video Source

I personally use My Yahoo!. … But other readers available are:

Feed readers are also available in Yahoo Mail or your My Yahoo!  I prefer to add RSS to My Yahoo (is easier to read & I can customize it to my preferences) as Yahoo Mail takes too long to load.

Go into your My Yahoo!  If using new layout Along Top  layout of My Yahoo!  look for icon… Personalize this page  – hover over it and a drop down arrow will appear

Click on the Add RSS Feed and enter     http://feeds.feedburner.com/lifestylediscoveries

Once added …..If it appears at bottom of your page & you want to move it up to top…. click on the top border of it and a move icon will appear (4 arrows) hold & drag to position on page you want.

If not yet updated to new yahoo…. go to My Yahoo! & add content & click link add RSS by URL (instructions there) You can easily drag or use edit button to move up & down page once added.

Once you’ve decided on your feedreader & set it up come back to my site and click http://feed.feedburner.com/lifestylediscoveries

Another helpful video:

You’ll receive a confirmation request in your inbox from FeedBurner (the place that delivers my posts). Click on acceptance link and you’ll be subscribed.

Looking forward to hearing from you and your comments.

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